The public deserves a "why" from School Board

Amanda Clark

The public deserves a "why" from School Board

Why, why, why, why, why?

That seems to be the biggest question going around town at the moment.

Why, oh why, did the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education decide to get rid of Dr. Anthony Jackson?

Did they not like him as a person?

Did they not like his policies, his beliefs on education?

Did they not like the way he dressed?

Did they not like the color of his skin?

Whatever the reason is, I think it's important that the public know.

Whether you agree or disagree with the decision, it's important that we know why.

Closed door sessions are meant to discuss personnel issues and yes, those issues are private. However, when you get rid of the leader of your school system just months after renewing his contract, questions will be asked.

When the announcement is made that the leader is resigning and the six that voted in favor of that resignation get out of dodge as soon as the meeting is adjourned, questions will be asked.

When questions are not answered, assumptions will be made. And now, things are getting ugly.

Some of those questions actually can be answered.

When Nash County's Manager was fired, those who voted in favor of that decision, sent out a statement explaining why. Of course, that was after numerous requests from the media but nonetheless, we got a statement naming some of the reasons they felt Mr. Murphy should go. Some agreed. Some disagreed. But, at least we knew the reasoning behind the decision.

With Dr. Jackson, we haven't really heard anything, other than rumors and innuendoes.

This isn't about whether it's wrong or right, about whether you like Dr. Jackson or don't like Dr. Jackson. It's about doing things the right way. The legal way.

I'm starting to have a real problem with closed sessions, not only with our Board of Education, but also with our county board and other local boards. The privilege of closed session is being taken advantage of. Things are being discussed that shouldn't be.

And unfortunately, these things have led to chaos and mistrust among the board and community.

I hope that the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education, and the community, can move past the chaos and get back to what's important; our children.