County looks at changing reevaluations

By Amanda Clark, Graphic Staff Writer

Nash County’s Board met Tuesday morning to discuss whether or not to change the county’s reevaluation cycle.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Nashville Graphic’s press time was prior to the meeting. Visit the website at for information on Tuesday’s meeting.

Edgecombe County Commissioners recently voted to change its cycle from an eight-year to a four-year cycle. The commissioners asked if Nash County would consider doing the same.

Nash County’s next reevaluation will be in 2009.

Prior to the meeting, Nash County Commissioner Danny Tyson said he felt the county did not need to change the cycle.

“If you go to a 4-year cycle, then to me, it’s like every four years, we’re going to have a tax increase,” Tyson said. “All these things take money and every time taxes go up, you take money away from people.”

“We’re at the wrong time at the wrong place to be thinking about this,” Tyson added. “If Edgecombe County needs this, they need to do it. I think Nash County is financially sound enough we don’t need to look at it.”