Nash County Animal Friends’ Notebook

Carol Vierela, Nash County Animal Friends

Nash County Animal  Friends’ Notebook
Did you know that animals heal?  They are used to help treat soldiers with PTSD.  They are being used to comfort the victims of the horrible storms in Oklahoma and the terrorist survivors of the Boston Marathon.  If you have even been comforted by a pet during your times of stress or sorrow, then you know what I mean.  I know I have.

So... why are you waiting?  We have some great stress reliving animals at the Nash County Animal Control Shelter.  Don’t let them die, when they could become your best friend for the bad times along with the good times.  People actually live longer who have pets!  Come get yourself LOVE!
Nash County Animal Friends, Photographers & Advocates for the pets in the Nash County Animal Control Shelter, FaceBook:

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