I can’t believe I have a two-year-old!

Amanda Clark

I can’t believe I have a two-year-old!
How in the world did I get a two-year-old? I could almost swear it was yesterday my Corbin was born and we were celebrating monumental things like his first time giggling or his first time rolling over.

But, it wasn’t yesterday.

It was two whole years ago.

Even though time is flying by, I still remember the day Corbin was born, just like it was yesterday.

I remember finally breaking down and going to buy our minivan that Saturday morning, then meeting my dad for a movie Saturday afternoon. I vividly remember waking up in the middle of the night hurting really bad and it finally hitting me that it was “time.”

I definitely haven’t forgotten going to the hospital three times before they finally let me stay and in between those stays I just had to go back home and suffer with the contractions. Forty-four hours after those contractions started, Corbin finally entered the world. But he didn’t come willingly. I eventually had to have a c-section.

But what a beautiful little boy we had and what a handsome little toddler he’s turning into!

It’s been amazing to watch him grow, to witness the things he’s learning everyday.

He’s building up his vocabulary and it’s so exciting to hear him say a new word.

His favorite word right now is “daddy!” Yep, he loves to yell for his daddy. Even though I claim it breaks my heart (because he won’t say mama), deep down, I love to hear it because it’s so cute. I also love when he says, “thank you” or “okay” or “Amen!” Well okay, I love to hear him say just about anything!

On Thursday, Corbin’s big day, we are planning to spend the day doing fun stuff with Corbin. We are still debating what the fun stuff will be but it will be a day of celebrating our little man turning two.

I think we have a lot to celebrate. After all, Corbin is turning two and he still hasn’t made a trip to the hospital. That has to mean we’re doing something right!!

In all seriousness, I’ve done a lot of things in my 30 plus years but I will have to say, becoming a mom is one of my most proudest moments. May 30 is a day I’ll never forget and forever cherish.

Happy birthday to my little two-year-old!