Local Les Gemmes chapter starts mentoring program

The Tar River Chapter of Les Gemmes, Inc., recently initiated the Jewels Girls Mentoring Program.  This unique program is designed to positively influence young ladies between the ages of 11-15. 

Young ladies involved in the program will concentrate on formulating leadership skills, and developing self-esteem, through health and wellness and community service activities.  Utilizing mini grant funds provided from the Nash County Health Department’s Tobacco Reality Unfiltered (“TRU”) campaign, Tar River began a rigid summer community service schedule for the Jewels that addresses the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.  Their summer outreach will provide peer education to various communities and churches. 

During the Juneteenth Celebration held on June 2, 2012, the Jewels displayed valuable information pertaining to second-hand smoke.  The Jewels committee and coordinator, Mrs. Melonee Hunter, are involved in training these young ladies on how to give oral presentations and to speak with assurance about the effects of the second hand smoke on individuals while promoting the TRU campaign objectives.  One of the goals for the TRU campaign is to reach 1000 to 1500 individuals of all ages, including teens and adults, by summer’s end.

 On Monday, July 2, 2012, the Jewels went on a field trip to Raleigh where they visited the Museum of Life and Science, followed by a visit to the Poe Center where they were educated about the effects of improper drugs use.  The presenter allowed the youth to participate in an activity similar to “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader.”  The youth also participated in an activity that demonstrated the effects of alcohol use on the brain and on coordination.  In this activity, two young ladies were asked to assemble a ten piece puzzle, one wearing special glasses that simulated impaired coordination from alcohol use and another young lady assembled the puzzle without the glasses.  During the final portion of the presentation, students were shown how much tar is collected on the lungs of a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes daily for a year.  The trip was a rewarding experience for the youngsters.

It is the desire of the Tar River Chapter to provide a positive atmosphere for the participants.  The President of the Tar River Chapter of Les Gemmes, Inc. stated that when some of the teens were approached about participating in the program, they were hesitant because they thought they were being targeted because they had done something wrong.  They were totally wrong!  These young ladies were approached because of positive characteristics displayed in each of them.

Presently, the chapter has reached its quota for participation.  If you would like to contribute monetary donations to support the mentoring program please contact: Tar River Chapter of Les Gemmes, Inc., P. S. Jones, President, PO Box 124 Battleboro, NC 27809.