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Reader comments on North Carolina fracking debate
The debate within North Carolina about fracking has caused me to wonder, “Are we really using the earth as God intended? Are we using the earth to the best benefit of mankind?”

It is my belief that God created this earth for mankind’s use. He placed man upon this earth at the top of the chain of all creatures. When God sent Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden he sent them out to till or extract from the earth those things that would benefit mankind. The earth would provide mankind with the necessities to sustain their livelihood or allow them to grow while expanding to the far corners of this earth.

There are many environmentalists that would dispute the fact that God created the earth for mankind’s use. I believe they are wrong. Why else would God have had Adam identify and name each and every creature upon this earth? Why would God have sent him and Eve from the Garden of Eden to toil upon the earth?

Many environmentalists claim that we must protect the earth and its creatures from destruction or the disappearance of the creatures on this earth. I believe that their premise for protection of the creatures of this earth in incorrect. Many of God’s creatures have disappeared from this earth to only be replaced by another creature and in many cases the new creatures are more beautiful than the one that have disappeared or are of more benefit for mankind’s use.

To confirm the disappearance of creatures we only have to think of the dinosaur, the wooly mammoth, the saber-toothed tiger, and the many other fossils that have been uncovered over the centuries. Many call the disappearance of different species evolution but it is really God’s way of providing for mankind and God’s ability to bring forth new and better creatures or minerals to support mankind’s quest to provide for themselves.

Yes, God created this earth all its animals, fowl, and minerals for mankind’s use and benefit. Just because God has created something for use by mankind does not relieve mankind of their responsibility to do as little harm as possible when extracting everything he can from earth’s plentiful bounty.

During our extraction process we must protect, preserve, and return the earth to a condition that will provide for the future generations. God will cleanse and replenish the earth for those things that mankind has extracted. God will also grant mankind the knowledge of how to use the many other elements of the earth that this generation and proceeding generations have not used.

When it comes to the relative new procedure of fracking to extract the gases that God has provided we must insure that the procedure does as little damage as possible to this earth. We must insure that God’s trust in us as good steward of this earth is not violated. We must do what is necessary to assist God in his cleansing and restoration of the earth caused by our extraction of the goods that are deemed for mankind’s use.

 Despite all the rhetoric, indications are that fracking procedures are safe. As with all new and unknown methods that will be the naysayers that are against it just because the procedures are new. North Carolina is not the first to try fracking. The fracking procedure has been around for a number of years and is being used in a number of states. It is time that North Carolina made use of another of God’s gifts to mankind for his use.
Ray Shamlin
Nash County

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