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Banana splits for supper can be scary
Just one of those weeks when my mind starts to wonder on a variety of topics ...

•Were April Showers a casualty of the economy? Does that mean we will have a Recession-adjusted amount of May Flowers?

•I’ve noticed that in the last several weeks when I go out to work in the field, there are two buzzards circling overhead almost everytime. This brings up three key questions: 1. What do they know that I don’t? 2. What’s for lunch? 3. Why does anyone watch “Dancing with the Stars”?

•If you choose to feed your 5-year-old and your 2-year-old banana splits for supper, mostly because there is not much to eat in the house and you know taking them out in public is a physical and mental battle you are ill-prepared for, know that there are consequences.

For example, it is hard to make the case that a banana split has all four food groups — dairy, fruit, chocolate and processed sugar. Also, when the 2-year-old’s eyes get real big halfway through, he squeals, goes face down in the ice cream and laps it up like a dog, then yells like Howard Dean on the campaign trail, it can be scary. It is also difficult to answer the question, “Wooo! If we’re having banana splits for supper, what’s for dessert?”

•I wonder if it might be time to change our state color to Pollen.

•I am going with my wife to her High School Reunion this weekend. I am thinking about watching a bunch of “Saved By the Bell” episodes and pretending I went to school there, and just tell stories from the show. Goal: To see how many people I can convince that they remember me.

•Some of my European friends keep telling me how great it is that we are passing Government Healthcare and other programs that “most of Europe adopted years ago.” Funny thing is, these European friends live here not Europe now. Wonder why that is?

•A friend of mine from the Greensboro area says that, in regards to the previous statement, “If you think the socialist programs of other countries are so great, Delta is ready when you are.”

•On the list of Not Cool Things: When the 5-year-old takes his brother’s dirty diaper disposal bag and zip-ties it to the front door.

•My daughter and I set up at the Rocky Mount Farmers Market on Saturday to sell some of our excess eggs from our “flock” of chickens I wrote about a while back. The warm weather and longer days have jacked up production past what we can eat. We had a great time, met some friends and talked to some old ones.

But the biggest thing I can share is how impressed she was with what was available. “We could do almost all of our grocery shopping here,” Holly said.

I agree, and I have to say we’d all be healthier in general if we thought that way. For the most part those vendors, as well as the ones at the Spring Hope Farmers Market are ours/your friends and neighbors. They live on the location where the food was grown and they most certainly are not out to poison you — unless you’re a really, really bad neighbor, I suppose.

Not only is food better for you that you buy locally, it keeps the money right here in Nash County. As a lady told me Saturday, “Lord only knows where some of that stuff we eat comes from.”

•It is funny — but not in a humorous way — how the History Re-Writers have tried to change who our Founding Fathers were. There is a whole group of scholars who would have you believe those great men were not Christians. You know, guys like Patrick Henry who said, “It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.”

If you find yourself in an argument of this sort, just do a little reading — if you’re over 30, your history teacher was right.

•California, perhaps the test lab for all things socialist and ridiculous that some would like to initiate across the country, had a great week.

The state, which has Ah-nuld for a governor, and can’t pay its bills, could not manage to get a resolution through their state legislature honoring the Boy Scouts of America. Apparently some of their representatives have problems with the principles the Scouts espouse, but no problem with gay marriage or folks who break Federal law (illegal immigrants).

California also managed — in Nancy Pelosi’s district, no less — to have a marijuana expo for “medical users” of the drug over the weekend. Oddly enough, most of the “sick” people were, according to the Associated Press, “young adults in baggy jeans and baseball caps and aging hippies.”

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