Luke's Word for the Week


Luke's Word for the Week

Greetings Fellow Followers. My apologies for no article last week, Labor Day threw me off and I simply failed to turn it in on time! I ask for your forgiveness on not having one.

We are back on track in our Bible 101 articles. Today, we are moving on from Creation and taking our next step in the Storyline of Scripture, which is the Fall.

For a refresher, here are the six steps: Creation, Fall, Israel, Jesus, Church, Creation.

Now, a quick disclaimer - there is no possible way, in this brief article, to address everything concerning the Fall. This is my humble attempt to highlight how important it is to know what happens in Genesis 3-11. To put it simply, these chapters are a hot mess. Shame enters, murders occur, a flood covers the earth, folks build a tower to reach God, and on on.

So what exactly is going on with the Fall? Why is it a big deal?

Well, I'll jump right to it. Adam and Eve turned their hearts in on themselves and became disobedient to God. That's sin. That's the Fall. That's the problem.

Instead of following God's command of not eating from that one tree (Gen. 2:17), they failed to follow. When we look at Genesis 3:6 we see why they ate of the fruit. The text reveals, "When the woman saw that the fruit was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it..." (NIV).

Now, let's pinpoint 3 things as to why they ate. First, it was good for good. Meaning - it passed that rational test. Second, it was a delight to the eyes; meaning, it was aesthetically pleasing. Thirdly, it was good for wisdom, meaning it passed the wisdom test (or so they thought).

Notice what is going on here, the human is putting the decision in her own mind. She is consulting her feelings, her heart, her intuition. It passes all her tests, why wouldn't she eat it?!

Well, as fantastic of a fruit the humans thought that fruit was, to eat of it was disobeying God's law. The bar upon which we make our decisions, biblically speaking, cannot be our mere rational thinking, common sense, and desire. The bar is God's word. The first humans forgot that, they looked inward and thought, "if it feels good do it!" This led to their demise and this opened the door for innocence and holiness to be blasted by shame and evil.

Our first parents looked to a place other than God for direction, purpose, and satisfaction and we've been doing the same ever since. Sin is a problem as it ruins life and severs relationships.

The entire creation is marred by the actions of Adam and Eve (and those of Genesis 4-11). While God's perfect creation has been marred, his plan, though frustrated, will prevail because Genesis 12:1 is coming.

More on that next week.

Luke is the Associate Pastor of Nashville United Methodist Church in downtown Nashville.