Action group launches positive image campaign

The Positive Image Action Group, formed in January 2013 from the Twin Counties Visioning Process, launched on Monday the first phase of its regional positive image campaign. The initial phase focuses on educating citizens of Edgecombe and Nash Counties on interesting facts about the combined region through local advertisements and social media.

"The goal of Phase I is to make our own residents aware of the great things happening here, for which we all should be proud," said Don Williams, president of Lewis Advertising and co-chair of the Positive Image Campaign. "People will see their neighbors, friends and coworkers on local billboards, TV commercials, newspapers, radio and social media, talking about interesting facts that represent our combined Twin Counties region."

The group, comprised of citizen volunteers from Edgecombe and Nash Counties representing diverse backgrounds, age groups, gender, race, professional experience and geography within the two counties, spent the last two years developing a marketing and communications plan for the region based on the feedback provided in the Twin Counties Visioning Process public study circles in 2012. With the help of Lewis Advertising, the group developed a regional brand logo and the tagline "Here's To Success". They also developed a website,, to aggregate positive news happening in the area and channels for businesses and individuals to follow to learn more.

The strategy also includes an "Ambassador's Program" which will train staff in the hospitality industry on opportunities they can share with tourists and local customers about where to go and what to do in the Twin Counties. The first wave of training is set to begin this fall.

Phase 2 will focus on external marketing as well as continuing to support the internal campaign and Ambassador Program. The group plans to develop external messages and purchase strategic advertisements outside of the region in places like the Triangle in an effort to show business owners, individuals and families the positive things the Twin Counties region has to offer.

With the help of the local chambers of commerce and citizens, the group has raised $115,000 of its $200,000 goal thus far from businesses and individuals to fund the multi-phase campaign.

"It has been incredibly encouraging to see businesses and individuals from all ends of this region come together to support this initiative," said Dorsey Tobias, media relations manager for PNC Bank, and co-chair of the Positive Image Campaign. "People are seeing that we will be stronger as a region, working together for social, economic and cultural success."

Businesses or individuals interested in supporting the campaign or participating in the Ambassador's Program training should contact Contributions are tax-deductible.