Mt. Zion FWB Church News


There were 93 in Sunday school with seven of those visitors today. We missed those who were absent, but we praise God for all that came, especially the visitors. Come back. We had more visitors come for worship service. You come back too.

Our choir sang “We Are So Blessed” for the call to worship. Pastor Rogerson welcomed everyone and prayed the invocation. Hymns of worship were “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Come Ye Thankful People Come.”

Ushers Tim Bass and Greg Manning received the tithes and offerings. Tim prayed the offertory prayer. We all sang the Doxology in praise to God.

Prayer concerns are Etta Jones, Nancy Matthews, Earl Brown and all the sick and shut-ins, soldiers, missionaries and the lost. Sympathy is extended to the Billy Green family.

Miss Ollie works with children’s church and she presented an object lesson which the children did last Sunday in honor of all veterans. It was a beautiful flag which was really a beautiful work of art. The children wanted to hang it in the Fellowship Center and asked all the veterans to sign it. Thanks children for a job well done.

All are invited to go with some of the Woman’s Auxiliary members to the Children’s Home Monday at 2 p.m. to take personal gifts to the children. All are invited to join Momeyer Baptist Church Wednesday night at 7 for the community Thanksgiving service. Pastor Rogerson will be preaching. Come with thankful hearts and let us praise the Lord.

Flowers were given in memory of Corliness and Salome Hendricks by Steve and Phyliss Moss. Thank you.

Thanks for all who work in different ministries in the church.

Our choir sang “Thank You Lord, For Your Blessings” for the special music. Pastor Rogerson read Psalm 67 and titled his message, “Thanksgiving.” The Psalmist asked for blessings in these words. He asked that he might have compassion for others as God has shown mercy to him. Do we recognize and thank God for our blessings? The Psalmist prayed that he might consecrate his blessing to God. Do we?

The pastor asked the question, “What is the purpose of blessings?” First, we are to use our blessings to be a witness to the world. Second, blessings are to give us a desire to worship God. We worship God by giving him thanks and by giving to others. We glorify God through our worship. Let us seek to understand that Thanksgiving Day is a day of giving thanks to God for all our blessings and a day to praise him for his grace and mercy. It’s more than a holiday. It is a day of worship and praise. Thanksgiving recognizes the gifts. Praise recognizes the giver (God). Are you a thankful Christian? Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the Christian way. It is a holy day to thank and praise God.

Have a good week.

My neighbors, Jane and Don Tyler, are proud grandparents for the first time. Samuel Cotton McGuire was born Oct. 30. The proud parents are Dr. Franklin and Amanda Tyler McGuire of Columbia, S.C.